5 Best Gold & Silver Price Mobile Apps

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If you’ve ever wanted to invest in silver or gold, there’s never been a better time. With the internet being widely available and the proliferation of smartphones, investing in these precious metals is only a download away.

These days, you can easily track the prices of gold and silver from the comfort of your mobile phone through apps you can download from the Android and iOS device app stores.

If you’re curious about what’s out there, this article reveals the 5 best gold and silver apps you can download today!

What Are The Best Gold & Silver Price Phone Apps?

The apps below are among the best available for anyone who wants to track prices for gold and silver. All apps mentioned are available for both Android and iOS devices.

1. Gold & Silver Spot JM Bullion

The Gold and Silver Spot is a JM Bullion, Inc. developed application. JM Bullion is a leading US online bullion dealer, and you can use its app to spot price movements for precious metals like silver, platinum, palladium, and gold.

This app features interactive charts and graphs you can use to monitor the price of gold and silver in real-time. The timeframes for price movements include 24 hours, seven days, one month, three months, six months, and a year.

Moreover, Gold and Silver Spot lets you set up customizable email and text alerts that notify you when gold or silver hits a specified price. You can get alerts through your Google+, Facebook, Yahoo, or Outlook accounts, helping you make on-the-fly investment decisions.

Additionally, you can access JM Bullion’s complete catalog of products through the Gold and Silver Spot app’s store. Having this access will help you make informed buying decisions. JM Bullion updates the metals sold in its store weekly.


  • Customizable email and text alerts.
  • Purchases are possible through the app.
  • Built by a renowned bullion dealer.


  • Veterans discount program doesn’t work.

2. APMEX: Buy Gold & Silver

If you want to buy gold and silver securely, then the APMEX app might be one of your best options. This app’s clean user interface lets you quickly check gold and silver prices using live spot charts, so you’re always up-to-date on the latest prices.

Additionally, you can purchase various gold and silver-derived products from renowned mints worldwide through the APMEX app. Some of the products include collectibles like coins and bars in multiple sizes.

APMEX takes security very seriously, meaning the app features technologies like secure checkout and privacy tech to keep its customers’ personal information and purchase history safe.

Also, if you want to track price movements while on the go, APMEX lets you set up customizable market alerts, allowing you to identify opportunities as they arise.


  • Takes security seriously.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Products sourced from renowned mints.


  • Delivery packaging could be better.

3. Gold Price Live

Gold Price Live is the brainchild of goldprice.org, a website that proudly declares itself as the place “where the world checks the gold price”. Gold Price Live is an excellent app to download for your investing needs if you plan on investing in gold or silver.

This app shows you the real-time prices for gold and silver using charts and graphs. Also, you can track your investment’s value over time by viewing its historical data, represented on easy-to-read charts and graphs covering monthly, bi-annual, and annual price movements.

You can view the prices for gold and silver in most national currencies. Moreover, since the app updates price movements every ten seconds, you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate prices.


  • Gold prices available in different currencies.
  • Historical data helps track investment value over time.
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs.


  • The app’s news may be too wordy for some.

4. Gold Live! Gold Price, Silver

Gold Live! is the spiritual successor to Kitco Metals Inc’s original gold and silver price-checking app KCast Gold Live!+. Like its predecessor, the new and improved app provides up-to-date information on gold and silver price movements.

This app is news-centric, meaning you get the latest market news as it breaks. As such, you can make up-to-the-minute decisions about the metals you invest in. Some news sources you get with this app include Kitco News and Kitco Commentaries.

Additionally, like most gold and silver price apps, you can use Gold Live! to track the prices of gold and silver, with market data on the two metals (and others) only a tap away. Helpfully, the Kitco Gold Index shows you the impact dollar fluctuations have on gold.

One of this app’s standout features is its Value Calculator, which you can use to estimate your gold and silver value by grade and weight. With this feature on hand, you’ll always know what your investments are worth.


  • Value calculator.
  • Provides breaking news.
  • Kitco Gold Index reveals how dollar fluctuations affect your gold.


  • Auto-play video feature may be distracting.

5. OneGold: Buy Gold & Silver

OneGold is an app that tries to make it possible to buy and sell gold and silver without paying expensive premiums and other fees. This app, which OneGold Inc. created, offers bullion storage in different countries, including the US, Canada, and Switzerland.

In addition to buying and selling gold and silver, you can track your bullion portfolio using OneGold’s live spot price feature. And with the app’s AutoInvest feature, you can automatically order ounces of gold and silver at a preset frequency.

If you decide you want your precious metals in your hands, you can physically redeem them through OneGold. The company will aim to ship your order in 1-2 working days.


  • Gold and silver without the expensive premiums.
  • AutoInvest feature for automated purchases.
  • Physical redemption within 1-2 working days.


  • Customer service needs to be improved.


With one of the apps mentioned in this list, you’ll be all set for investing in gold and silver. They have all the features needed to track prices in real-time, make sound investment decisions, and more.